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by Paul Dworkin, M.D.

Founder, Help Me Grow; Executive Vice-President, Community Child Health Director, Office for Community Child Health, Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Sep 22, 2014

The Power of Town & Gown

 A New Avenue for Collaboration in Early Childhood System Building

This past year, the College of Education of Niagara University in Western New York became the first higher education institution to serve as a Help Me Grow organizing entity. Though universities and their medical schools have served as key partners and collaborators in Help Me Grow replication across the Help Me Grow National Network, none had taken on this primary structural requirement for replication.


September 22, 2014

An Inspiring Visit to Western New York

Help Me Grow WNY commences its energetic re-launch

In May 2014, Dr. Dworkin traveled to Niagara Falls to visit with the dedicated team behind the re-launch of Help Me Grow Western New York

It was an historic visit for Help Me Grow: The College of Education of Niagara University in Western New York is the first higher education institution to serve as an HMG organizing entity.

At the day-long Help Me Grow Partner Meeting, representatives of the HMG WNY team welcomed participants, shared their plans for working with the community to advance and lifespan model of health and wellness, and articulated the moral and philosophical underpinnings of their work with HMG.

University President Rev. James J. Maher, C.M., Min., spoke about “critical interdependence” between universities and their communities. As Dr. Dworkin report, President Maher explained that “action is our only strategy” and such actions are important in “building a foundation to have an impact.”

We extend hearty congratulations and gratitude to the entire HMG WNY team for demonstrating such commitment to the health of your community, and for providing an invaluable example of the extraordinary benefits of university partnership in HMG-system building. (Read Dr. Dworkin’s blog about the trip.)

August 14, 2014

Alabama Project LAUNCH Grant Approved

Help Me Grow Alabama system to be expanded statewide.

Huge congratulations are due to Help Me Grow Alabama upon the approval of the state's Project LAUNCH grant. Project LAUNCH will allow for the expansion of the HMG system across the state, as it will help address LAUNCH' score strategies of screening and assessment of young children and successful referral to community-based services.

As the AL Project LAUNCH description notes, HMG will provide "training and support for primary providers (health care, early education, and home visiting) to use the ASQ3/SE at regular intervals; develop a single point of referral and information and improve the roadmap for referrals; enhance the 211 and Parent Assistance Line for seamless and appropriate referrals; and gather and analyze data to improve referral system and identify service barriers."

HMG Alabama, your hard work on behalf of the children and families in your state is so inspiring. May Alabama's early childhood systems grow by leaps and bounds! 


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