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by Paul Dworkin, M.D.

Founder, Help Me Grow; Executive Vice-President, Community Child Health Director, Office for Community Child Health, Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Feb 17, 2015

Transforming Early Detection & Intervention with CQI

I am privileged to serve as faculty for the Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s (MCHB) Home Visiting Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (HV CoIIN). The Network offers participating home visiting program grantees the chance to learn about three topic areas: maternal depression, breast feeding, or developmental surveillance and screening. All grantees must also focus on family engagement.

Faculty either support programs within a specific topic area or bring expertise in continuous   Read More >>

March 25, 2015

HMG National Forum 2015 Agenda

In less than a month, the Help Me Grow National Network will gather in Orange County, CA, for the sixth annual HMG National Forum. Find the agenda for the event here. See you soon!


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January 6, 2015

Help Me Grow Utah Goes Statewide!

A major milestone is reached

We could not be prouder to share the news that after much work and many years, Help Me Grow Utah able to support families across the state. 

"Each and every parent waits in great and nervous anticipation for their children’s milestone moments," writes community liaison Julie Miller. "Crawling, first steps, off to school and—finally—launching them from home. After almost five years of existence, Help Me Grow has reached some of its own milestone moments—many of them under the carefully guided hand of Utah County leaders, who possessed great foresight."

Read more about this wonderful news


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