The Help Me Grow Network

HMG Florida

Katherine Suarez Espinosa
Help Me Grow Florida, State Coordinator
Phone: 786-221-0670

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Help Me Grow (HMG) Florida is in the implementation stage, moving quickly
towards statewide expansion. We implemented the Help Me Grow system
simultaneously in two counties, Miami-Dade and Hillsborough, and
Switchboard of Miami, the organizing entity in Dade County, expanded
services for Help Me Grow into Monroe County. Successes and continued
planning center on the following:

1. Collaboration with the 2-1-1 statewide network and representatives
from agencies in each county to establish the infrastructure for centralized
telephone access and care coordination for follow-up, provide information
and referral services, and administer developmental screenings;

2. Assess gaps and barriers in services and programs for early childhood
to improve data collection, facilitate access to services, and better document
the needs of these respective communities;

3. Establish a plan for community outreach, network within early
childhood programs, child healthcare practices and children’s advocacy
programs, and collaborate with service agencies to build communication
and rapport;

4. Develop plans for child care provider and pediatrician outreach to
promote sharing information and surveillance resources with parents,
encourage universal early developmental screenings, and provide support
as a referral to those requiring additional assistance. 


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