Help Me Grow Data System Overview

The Help Me Grow National Center (HMG National) is developing a comprehensive HMG data system to support HMG affiliates with data collection, tracking and utilization.

Since May 2011, a national data team consisting of HMG National staff, TA consultants, United Way of CT/211 Child Development Infoline care coordinators, and HMG affiliates has assisted with planning the national data system.

The data system covers all HMG core components and specifically addresses: client tracking of children and families; outreach to families and providers of child health care, early care and education, and family support services; developmental screening; and gaps and barriers in resources and services.

The HMG data system will be utilized to help demonstrate the impact of HMG across the affiliate network in three key areas:

  • better outcomes for at-risk children
  • families equipped with the knowledge, skills and support to access community-based services through a statewide system
  • a proven, effective and efficient system that builds collaboration across service sectors

HMG Common Indicators have been designed to track:

  • outreach activities
  • the total number and characteristics of HMG callers
  • nature of service requests and presenting issues
  • developmental screenings conducted within the HMG system
  • referrals by HMG to service programs
  • HMG outcomes.

HMG National will generate an annual aggregated "Common Indicators Data Report"for the HMG National Affiliates Network currently consisting of 19 states. This report is expected to demonstrate the impact of HMG and aid both HMG National and affiliates with their advocacy and sustainability efforts at state and national levels.

WebDuck Designs, developer of the HMG National website, is currently building the data system. HMG Connecticut, South Carolina and Utah are field testing the client tracking section. By 2014, HMG National anticipates completion of the first Common Indicators Report for the HMG National Affiliates network.